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DesertX new colour for 2023

Ducati Manchester are pleased to announce details of the new 2023 DesertX and new DesertX Rally.

Exploration. Fun. Performance. And a great desire to take and leave towards the horizon. The identity of this bike leaves no room for doubt: just by looking at it, it brings you into the atmosphere of dakar rallys.

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DesertX Overview

Dream Wilder

DesertX is the first modern Ducati with 21 "front wheel and 18" rear, long stroke suspension and a new frame designed specifically for the off-road experience.

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Off-road chassis

21 ”front and 18” rear wheels, long stroke suspension, generous ground clearance (250mm) and an off-road frame designed and tested to withstand the toughest conditions.

Ergonomics optimised for every condition

Ergonomics and aerodynamic study give life to a motorcycle that has off-road as a natural territory and at the same time remains comfortable, easy and safe for urban commuting and long travels.

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Advanced electronics, dedicated to versatility

The versatility of DesertX is also reflected in the Riding Modes: there's 6 of them, with Enduro and Rally dedicated specifically to the off-road riding experience.

Lightweight engine tuned for off-road use

DesertX is equipped with the latest evolution of the 937 cc Testastretta 11th desmo, lighter by 1.7 kg compared to the previous generation and equipped with a new gear ratio to ensure the best off-road behavior.

DesertX photo

DesertX - Carl Fogarty First Ride & Review

DesertX Technology

Technology for the adventure of a lifetime.
Developed by drawing on the best of our knowledge in terms of ergonomics, engine, aerodynamics and electronics. And we developed a new specific chassis for off-road.

DesertX is functional, a 'sport tool', competent, technologically advanced and effective like all Ducatis.


DesertX was developed for the most demanding off-road, and therefore has all the essential contents for this type of use: spoked wheels, 21 '' at the front and 18 '' at the rear and generous ground clearance. Thanks to the various homologations obtained, DesertX has various types of tires available, up to those dedicated to the off-road world.

DesertX technology

01 - 21"/18" wheel combination

DesertX is equipped with the iconic wheel combination for the enduro segment: spoked wheels, 21'' at the front and 18'' at the rear. Ready to easily tackle any type of obstacle and asphalt.

02 - Generous ground clearance

A fundamental feature for off-road use, DesertX has a ground clearance of 250 mm, which is particularly favorable for more extreme off-road riding.

03 - Wide choice of tires

The DesertX is equipped with Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tubeless tires that combine greater reliability and safety in case of puncture with easier repair. Thanks to the different approvals obtained, there is a wide choice of alternative tires.

04 - Kayaba long stroke suspension

The 46mm upside-down fork and fully adjustable single shock absorber were developed with the Japanese brand Kayaba, a successful producer in the off-road world.

DesertX Engine

The new DesertX is equipped with the latest evolution of the water-cooled 937 cc Desmodromic 11° Testastretta engine with 110 horsepower and 92 Nm of torque.

It’s the well-known twin cylinder already appreciated on our other models for its double soul: very manageable and smooth at low revs, but with a torque that is always ready and able to release all the Ducati character with a great extension.

POWER - 110 hp (81 kW) @ 9,250 rpm
TORQUE - 92 Nm (68 lb-ft, 9.4 kgm) @ 6,500 rpm
DRY WEIGHT - 202 kg (445 lb)
SEAT HEIGHT - 875 mm (34.4 in)

DesertX Electronics

State of the art electronics. DesertX, like all Ducatis, has advanced electronic equipment aimed at safety and performance in all conditions.

DesertX electronics

Riding mode

The versatility of DesertX is also reflected in the Riding modes: up to six options, two of which are specifically dedicated to the off-road riding experience.

Riding assistance systems

The electronic equipment is completed by the package of riding assistance systems: Traction control, Wheelie control, Engine brake control, cornering ABS, Quickshifter up & down and Cruise control, to make riding on long journeys even more relaxing.

Lighting system

The bike’s completely Full LED lighting system equipment is of the highest level. The double front headlight has two bi-function polyellipsoidal modules with Daytime Running Light (DRL) and has been designed to ensure excellent visibility, which is particularly important for a bike that can ride in all conditions. The rear headlight is equipped with the Ducati Brake Light. The system, in the event of sudden braking, automatically activates the flashing of the rear light to signal the condition of sudden slowing to following vehicles, making a further contribution to rider safety.

TFT & Connectivity

DesertX is equipped with a high resolution 5 ”color TFT display oriented vertically and positioned to offer the best visibility even in standing riding. This display is designed for integration with the Ducati Multimedia System which allows you to connect your smartphone via Bluetooth and activate Turn by Turn navigation by receiving directions directly on the dashboard.

DesertX riding modes

DesertX Availability & Pricing

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DesertX Colours

For 2023 the DesertX is available in the following colour choices:
Star White Silk or RR22 Livery

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6 Riding Modes

The safety and performance of the new DesertX are also guaranteed by the electronic systems, which represent the state of the art in terms of performance and safety.

There are 6 riding modes available for the rider, each with its own specific destination of use. Beside the already known Sport, Touring and Urban are the new Wet Riding Mode for use on wet asphalt and the two Riding Modes dedicated to off-road riding: Enduro and Rally.

Each riding mode can act on the character of the engine through the 4 power modes: full, high, medium and low, which change the power and responsiveness of the Testastretta.

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ENDURO Riding Mode

The Enduro Riding Mode, thanks to the reduced power and the specially designed control settings, makes it possible to tackle even the most demanding off-road terrain with greater safety and facilitates riding for novice riders.

RALLY Riding Mode

Rally Riding Mode, with full engine power and reduced electronic controls, is designed for experienced riders who want to get the most out of their DesertX off-road performance.

DesertX riding modes

DesertX Ergonomics

In off-road riding, it is not only the hardware you have at your disposal that determines performance but also, and above all, the confidence and feeling that the bike gives you, which translates into control and safety in all conditions.


The ergonomics of the saddle, handlebars and footpegs are designed to make the transitions from sitting to standing, typical of off-road riding, as natural as possible.


The shape of the tank, saddle and other components ensure better control of the bike.


The seat height is 875mm and can be reduced thanks to the seat and lowered suspension kit available as an accessory.

Long distance traveling with the DesertX

We worked on a number of features that make the DesertX truly enjoyable on all types of asphalt.

Rider and passenger comfort

A comfortable riding position for both rider and passenger, thanks to targeted form and padding for each seat.

Aerodynamics and heat management

The management of heat, with openings and flows of fresh air studied. Aerodynamic protection with great care taken in defining the shape and size of the original and accessory windshield.

Tank range

Adequate autonomy for longer journeys thanks to the fuel tank with a capacity of over 21 liters and the possibility of mounting a second tank at the rear of the bike as an accessory, adding an additional 8 liters of gasoline.

Load capacity and tyres

The excellent load capacity, almost 120 L of volume available between bags and top cases, made of aluminium. The tires are the tubeless Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR that combine excellent off-road performance with grip and confidence in all asphalt conditions.

DesertX Studio Images

Video of the DesertX

DesertX Technical Data

DesertX Design and Styling

Elegant and unique

The sleek surfaces, flowing design and volume difference between the front and rear remain the highly characteristic elements that in the new DesertX reach completely new quality and finishing standards. Another highly characteristic element of the new DesertX S are the Y-shaped 5 spoke wheels.

Overview of DesertX Engine

Dedicated gearshift

No detail has been overlooked in the engine design. The gearbox is also totally dedicated with ratios that make it more versatile. A shorter first gear and a longer sixth gear than the Desmosedici Stradale engine, allow the bike to be adaptable in all situations of use: from off-road, to low-speed maneuvers to riding on the motorway.

Counter-rotating crankshaft

The adoption of the counter-rotating crankshaft - borrowed from the Desmosedici Stradale - allows to significantly reduce the gyroscopic effect that the wheels impart to the vehicle, improving handling and agility and reducing pitching during acceleration and braking. This technical choice improves riding safety and comfort in daily road use or traveling.

Overview of DesertX Chassis


The new DesertX reaches new levels of handling, riding fluidity, intuitiveness and ease of use.

Compact and agile, the frame and chassis have been designed to give an intense feeling of ease of riding and safe stability at high speeds.

Overview of DesertX Equipment


Advanced Connectivity - With the new Ducati Connect system, your phone connects to the bike allowing you to control different actions through the handlebar joystick.

Ducati guarantees all its bikes for a period of 24 months from registration, with unlimited mileage.

DesertX Parts & Accessories

The DesertX is already very complete with standard equipment, but can be further enriched thanks to a wide range of Ducati Performance accessories dedicated to off-road or touring use.

Off-Road accessories

For off-road use, the rally saddle is available, which combines the rider and passenger seats for greater effectiveness in off-road driving, reinforced handguards, protective grilles for headlight and radiator, a further reinforced engine guard and tubular protection bars.

Touring accessories

For touring, aluminium side cases and top cases, the central stand, heated grips and additional LED lights are available.

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DesertX Clothing

DesertX Clothing

Live the full DesertX experience. Even when you're not riding, you can take DesertX comfort and elegance with you, thanks to the dedicated line of clothing and accessories

At Ducati Manchester you will find a large selection of rider clothing and accessories for sale in our showroom or in our online store. Ducati clothing, jackets, helmets and riding gear provide unique style & design, while offering high levels of safety and quality.

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