Panigale R

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Race-bred, start to finish

Born to race, the new Panigale R brings a thrill to the track. 205 hp react instantly to a twist of the throttle thanks to ultralight engine components. Track-optimised geometry and racing suspension ensure responsive racetrack behaviour. Electronics are tuned to deliver maximum performance. A lithium-ion battery and a titanium Ducati Performance by Akrapovič exhaust will take you and 162 kg of racing technology straight to the chequered flag.

The 2015 Panigale R is available in 1 colour: Red Base Livery

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Panigale R Technical Data

Essential Desmo

To control the large valves with the precise and efficient Desmodromic system, engineers chose a mixed gear and chain drive system. This chain drive accurately transmits the motion between crankshaft and camshaft, and thanks also to an automatic tensioning adjustment, offers excellent reliability with low routine maintenance costs.

Fully ride by wire

The opening and closing of throttle butterflies on the Superquadro is controlled by a fully electronic Ride-by-Wire system. The absence of a mechanical connection between the twistgrip and the throttle bodies allows the engine ECU to regulate power delivery by directly adjusting the throttle; Ride-by-Wire makes it possible to have different power and delivery based on the selected Riding Mode, to alter the level of engine back-torque (EBC), and to control any slipping of the rear wheel (DTC).

Panigale R Transmission

During development of the first Superquadro engine, Ducati engineers took their design freedom to the limit by increasing the distance between centres of the six-speed gearbox shafts and allowing the use of gears with an increased diameter and superior strength for the transmission of power. The oil bath clutch, similar in design to that used on other Ducati models, is a progressive system which allows the load on its plates to be increased without increasing the effort required by the rider to pull the lever and disengage the clutch. This optimally satisfies the need for a high torque transmission which still provides optimum usability for the rider. In sport riding conditions with abrupt downshifting heavy engine braking, the same mechanism reduces the pressure on clutch plates and allows them to slip as in a racing system, preventing a loss of stability in the rear end and offering excellent modulability during hard braking into corners.

Track Focused Geometry

The Panigale R features a modified geometry that enables it to find the best possible setup for pushing the limits of racing performance. A 24° steering angle gives it incredible agility, while a 5mm longer wheelbase compared to the 1299 Panigale lends it additional stability at maximum speed. Additionally, it gives riders a further degree of freedom in the set-up choice by offering an adjustable swingarm pivot. This allows the rear geometry to be modified to balance rear dive under acceleration and maximum stability, giving maximum flexibility to different track conditions and rider preferences. Four different levels of swingarm pivot are available: starting from a "baseline" of level 0, the pivot can then be raised by 2 mm, or lowered by either 2 or 4 mm.

Bosch Inertial Platform

The 1299/S Panigale and Panigale R use the Bosch Inertial Platform, which is centered around an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). The IMU constantly monitors the motorcycle's lean angle and fore/aft pitch, interfacing with the ABS, DWC, and on the 1299 Panigale S, the Ohlins Smart EC suspension - ensuring that these systems operate at maximum effectiveness regardless of the motorcycle's position.

Ducati Traction Control (DTC)
Ducati Wheelie Control (DWC)
Engine Braking Control (EBC)
Ducati Quick Shift up/down (DQS)
DDA+ GPS ready
Auxiliary handlebar buttons
Lithium-ion battery
Homologated Akrapovic titanium exhaust
Ohlins mechanical suspension
Full TFT instrument panel
LED lighting

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