Streetfighter V2 and V4 SP

Ducati Manchester Group are excited to announce 2 new models from today’s episode of the Ducati World Premier 2022 event. The all new Streetfighter V2 and the limited numbered Streetfighter V4 SP.

Both models will be arriving in our showrooms early next year, but pre-orders are recommended on these models.

STREETFIGHTER V2 – A New Fighter in Town

The new 2022 Streetfighter V2 aims to be a more accessible Streetfighter, yet equally emotional in design and exciting to ride.

Combining the everyday usability, with the sport DNA of the Panigale V2.

Ducati have applied the Fight Formula to the Panigale V2. Unmistakeable styled in the Streetfighter V4 design, but revamped to enhance its sleekness, lightness and agility; Providing the V2 with a unique and distinctive personality.

Design is shaped around the compact Superquadro engine and the Panigale V2 fule tank, making the new Streetfighter V2 extremely streamlined. Elegance, agility and compactness.

A perfect mix of extreme smoothness & agility with great control.

Exciting high speed performance and unmistakable twin cylinder sound.

Shorter final drive ratio provides more torque on the ground, and quicker engine response during acceleration.

It’s easy to personalise the characteristics and responsiveness of the bike to make it more precise and stable. On the track it can be pushed to its limits with optional Wings and it’s 153HP, while on the road it is a very safe due to the technology.

Electonics Package includes ABS Cornering, Traction Control, Wheelie Control, Engine Brake and Quick Shift.

Riding Modes: Sport | Road | Wet
A new Wet riding mode is introduced in the Streetfighter V2 with dedicated Traction Control and Wheelie Control settings for riding on low grip surfaces


The Fighter attitude can also be worn by the rider with a selection of performance riding apparel and casual clothing.

Streetfighter V2 £14,995
Streetfighter V4 SP £28,495


A dedicated range of Ducati Performance accessories is available for the SF V2, including:
Biplane wings identical to those of the Streetfighter V4 available in both plastic and carbon (guarantee a downforce of 27kg at 265 km/h)
Full titanium Akrpovic racing exhaust (for track use) – boosts power to 157 HP, and more importantly reduces weight by 7kg.

In summary, the new Streetfighter V2 has sports attitude that can be experienced on track while also being easy and fun to use on a daily basis.

The Streetfighter V2 is powered by the 955 cc 90°V2 Superquadroengine in line with Euro 5 pollution standards

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